The Dreaded Time of the Year

It seems like that time of year has come again, another season has come and gone! The weather is not getting any better, and exams are approaching quickly… time to put the boat away for the winter, and start thinking about the 2016 bass fishing season. 2015 was a year with lots of ups and downs, so a lot of things are up in the air right now and 2016 will be much different from this season, and Im excited about it!

Took the day yesterday to bathe the boat and make sure she is looking as pretty as she did at the beginning of the year. She is going in to Bay City Marine to get winterized and prepped to be put away. The summer flew by, but Spring can’t come soon enough… 2015 was a another great year! It is amazing how much you learn about yourself as an angler as well as the little brown and green fish that we chase, in the short amount of time that we call bass season here in Ontario!



About Patrick Zajdel

A 20 year old Collegiate Tournament Angler and Promoter from Burlington Ontario, Canada, currently attending the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Patrick competes as a Pro in various events affiliated with BASS and FLW across Canada and the US.

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