(VIDEO) Shimano Curado 200I Review

Shimano has built a legacy with it’s Curado series over the years, as the go-to reel for anglers of all skills levels, whether you are a tournament pro, or weekend warrior, the chances are you have either heard of or used the Shimano Curado. With the Curado I series, Shimano steps up their game, incorporating […]

Hagane Concept by Shimano

If you have been following recent industry news especially in terms of new product releases from Shimano, chances are you have come across the term ‘Hagane’. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Hagane?”. In simple terms, Hagane is Shimano’s reel design concept designed to withstand continual use and extreme abuse under all […]

Humminbird Helix Family Expands

In recent industry news, Humminbird created a buzz when they released the new additions to the Helix family of units! At first, Humminbird introduced the Helix line earlier this year by releasing the Helix 5. The response that followed this release was overwhelming! Stores could not keep the Helix 5 in stock, that’s how well […]

Jackall Lures iProp 75s

Often times we as anglers purchase an excessive amount of tackle that never gets used. When the Jackall Lures iProp 75s was released to the market I picked a few up, but never had the confidence to throw it. One day when I finally decided to tie one on, I learned how effective this lure […]

Shimano’s Revolutionary X-Ship Technology

Whenever people think of a Spinning Reel, they think of Finesse; light line, small baits. Not with Shimano’s Revolutionary X-Ship Technology! X-Ship is a double bearing supported pinion gear system that provides more torque, power, and a smoother retrieve! X-Ship adds more cranking power and rigidity through increased gear efficiency, making it easier to turn […]

Power Pro Super 8 Slick

When released at iCast 2011, Super 8 Slick, Power Pro’s new braided line blew away the market! Stores were and still are having trouble keeping it on their shelves! Super 8 Slick was not introduced into the market to replace the traditional Power Pro braid but rather to give the angler an advantage in different […]

K&J Tackle Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool

As a youth tournament angler from Southern Ontario Canada, fishing against adults, I am constantly looking for an edge against the older, more experienced anglers. Ever since I joined the K&J Tackle Pro Staff, I have found that edge with the Wacky RIGR Fishing Tool. As I have found out through fishing multiple tournaments, the […]