Spring Time Wacky Riggin’

You either love it, or you hate it because the fish can be cooperating and easy to catch one day, and then the next you swear that there is no fish in the lake because the sun is setting and you have yet to feel your first bite. However, one thing is for sure; during […]

(VIDEO) Quick Tips – Changing Treble Hooks

In this video I share some tips on changing treble hooks when they are bent or rusted. This is something I do during the off season and on the water when necessary.   -Patrick

(VIDEO) Wacky Rig – Rigging Tips

In this short quick tip segment, I present a economical way of rigging the wacky rig presentation, using the KJ Tackle Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool and KJ Tackle O-Rings. By using o-rings, you will be able to extend the life of your stick bait or finesse worm when wacky rigging.

(VIDEO) Quick Tips – Fishing Line Selection

It’s been quite a while since I have posted a video on my YouTube Channel, but I’M BACK BABY! Getting back into the YouTube game with weekly uploads, and content that you guys want to view! Lot’s of quick tip and product review videos coming out in the next few weeks but stay tuned, spring […]

Weight Selection: Does Colour Make a Difference?

When it comes to weight selection, a common question that you typically hear revolves around the debate of tungsten versus lead weights. Very seldom do you hear anglers talk about the colour of weights that they use. This is something that is overlooked by many anglers when they go into stores to purchase terminal tackle. […]

Cranking for Shallow Fall Bass

The fall time of the year can sometimes prove to be challenging, however, more often than not, the fall bite can be extremely rewarding! This is a time of year when water temperatures begin to drop and the days become shorter. It is also the time of year when bass begin to migrate to shallower […]

Dropping Down on Em’ Deep

There are anglers like Simon Frost and Derek Strub, who are always looking at their electronics—and they have won lots of money doing that! However, there are also anglers that under utilize their electronics when on the water. Many anglers run to their first spot tournament morning and expect the fish to be on the […]