Early Spring Bass Fishing in Upstate New York

There is no better time than Spring for Canadian’s and those located in the Northern States! The ice melts after a long winter, and the fish start to turn back on! Because of Ontario’s bass season starting in the last week or two of June (depending where you are located), many anglers take advantage of the great fishing opportunities across the border in the United States. Myself in particular, I make the annual trip to Upstate New York to cross some eyes and get back into the groove of things before bass season opens up. From the last weekend in April when I finish school, right through to mid June, you can bet that I will be fishing somewhere in US waters!

Where to Look in the Spring


On this particular trip, the spawn was in full swing, and there were some waves of fish that have already finished up spawning, and some that were just about to. The fish that were spawning were located on the backs of docks, but you could find numbers of males moving up to the outside edges of the docks. I mainly focused on fish getting ready to spawn, thus, I looked for marinas, canals, and slips around the lake that might have warmer water.

Once I located these areas, I approached the fish with two techniques; a swim jig, and a texas rigged Jackall Sasuteki Craw. I used the swim jig especially in the morning when the cloud cover was most prevalent. On overcast days the fish will tend to roam a little more, which is why a faster moving bait can be a great choice. A swim jig was my particular choice on this day, but a spinnerbait or a square billed crankbait is a great alternative as well. Once I felt like I was in an area that held a good number of fish, or I could visually locate fish, I would pitch my texas rig around the dock posts, always starting at the front, working my way to the back to avoid spooking any fish that may have been sitting on the front of the docks.

The Gear


Swim Jig Setup:

Rod: Shimano Zodias 7’2MH 
Reel: Shimano Curado 200IHG
Line: 17lb 100% XPS Fluorocarbon
Bait: 3/8oz. Bluegill Swim Jig

Texas Rig Setup:

Rod: Shimano Zodias 7’2H
Reel: Shimano Curado 200IHG
Line: 20lb 100% XPS Fluorocarbon
Bait: 3/8oz Black and Blue Jackall Lures Sasuteki Craw

Enjoy this short clip with a few fish catches from this trip!

About Patrick Zajdel

A 20 year old Collegiate Tournament Angler and Promoter from Burlington Ontario, Canada, currently attending the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Patrick competes as a Pro in various events affiliated with BASS and FLW across Canada and the US.

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