OBN Quinte Quest Re-Cap

The 2013 BASS Provincial Qualifier was held on the Bay of Quinte, scheduled for August 24th and 25th. The field of 200 anglers was launching out of Trenton, Ontario.

If you have yet to check out my latest report on how I pre-fished for this tournament, follow the link.

Throughout the course of the year, the Quinte Quest was the tournament that I was looking forward to! I made several visits to the Bay of Quinte throughout the season, in hopes of increasing my experience on this body of water! So when it was time to hit the road, Quinte bound, I was extremely excited, largely due to the fact that my dad would be joining me on the trip again! We rented a campground in Trenton where we stayed throughout the tournament days, cooking sausages over an open fire, looking out onto the water.


The night before the first day of competition was the pre-tournament meeting, where I found out my non-boater for the day, and my boat number. I was boat number 71 on day one of the tournament, so I was one of the later flights, but that meant that my day was a little longer, which turned out to be a good thing!

Tournament Day One

The first spot which we pulled up on, was one that was near an area I was fishing during my pre-fish. Both my non-boater and I quickly boated fish, and before we knew it, we both had our limits. Nothing big at the moment, but there were 10 fish in my Triton live wells, and a huge monkey off my back! We fished the area with Jackall TN-70 Lipless Crankbaits and wacky rigged stick worms, before deciding to give the area a rest. We decided to make a run to Belleville, in hopes of culling out a few of the smaller fish in the well. We were both able to upgrade our limits by fishing weed clumps and the outsides of weed lines in the eight foot range, flipping texas rigged soft plastics, and wacky rigged senkos. The area did not hold the numbers of fish we were hoping for, but the size was there! I was flipping a 5″ Texas Rigged Stick Worm with a 1/4oz. Tungsten Worm Weight, on a 7’2MH Shimano Crucial Worm and Jig rod, with a Curado 200G7 and 20lb Fluorocarbon line.

With a few hours left in the day, before we had to check-in, we made the run back to our first spot of the day. Fortunately, we had a later check-in time, because not long after we got there, the bite was on! I was able to catch three back to back to back (thats a mouthful!) fish on the outside of an island, which all culled! The wind picked up towards the end of the day, which made fishing weightless senkos tough! However, with proper boat positioning, with the nose of the boat facing the wind, and with the help of my Minn-Kota Talon, it was a piece of cake! I am glad I run Power Pro’s Super 8 Slick line, as it allowed me to make long casts into the wind, effortlessly!

After day 1 of competition I was just out of the top 10 with 15.35 pounds! I was ecstatic at the chance of being in the running, with one more day left!

IMG_9229 11.38.45 PM

 Tournament Day Two

What I was doing the first day was working for me, I planned to duplicate that the second day. I was going to slow down, and thoroughly fish the areas where I caught my biggest fish.

I began the day throwing a wacky rigged stick bait, slowly covering water, and making the most of every cast! During the first day of competition, I keyed in that you had to dead stick the bait, and wait for the fish to come to you. This was the case on day two as well! It is amazing how little baits I went through in two days of fishing, catching 20+ fish a day! I believe that this is largely due to the fact that I was rigging my stick baits with K&J Tackle’s Wacky RIG’R Fishing Tool! It is without a doubt that this tool saved me some extra dollars during the tournament!

The day started out great, I caught my limit quickly and fished relaxed for the rest of the day. However, there was one major difference from the previous day. Instead of there only being two boats in the area I  was fishing, there were 10! With the bite slowly dying off due to the large pressure in the area I decided to make the run to Belleville and flip for a couple upgrades. The plan was to leave enough time to stop by the primary area at the end of the day as the bite turned back on! Unfortunately, that was not the case. We were not able to make it back to the primary area. However, I did learn a very important lesson on this day!

On our way back, I heard an alarming sound, 3 beeps. That could only mean one thing. LOW OIL! If did not want any damage to my motor, I could not carry on running. Fortunately, after countless time, which seemed like forever, I was able to wave down a fellow angler which lent me a bottle of Mercury oil! This was enough to get me back in to weigh-in on time without a penalty. However, we did not get a chance to go back and catch a couple more key fish that would have helped on this day! I was disappointed with myself for letting this happen, however, being a new boat owner, I have to learn my lessons, unfortunately, I learned this one the hard way!

On day two of the event, I came in to the scales with 11.90 pounds, on a day that the other anglers really laid a beating on them! Thus, I dropped down to 33rd spot with a two day total of 27.25 pounds. Overall, I was happy with my finish in the event, the way that things went on the second day!


My go-to setup during this event was a 6’8M Shimano Crucial Spinning rod with a Shimano Symetre 2500 reel. I had this outfit spooled with 15lb Aqua Green Power Pro Super 8 Slick. The rod and reel which I used played a vital role in my success in this event, the bite was subtle, and the sensitivity of that IM-10 graphite in the Shimano Crucial really came into play! Along with the sensitivity of the rod, the power of the Symetre reel with X-Ship was another key part to my success in hauling the big fish out of sparse vegetation! Finally, as mentioned previously, the smoothness of the Power Pro Super 8 Slick made it effortless to cast weightless baits into the wind!

– Patrick Zajdel


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A 20 year old Collegiate Tournament Angler and Promoter from Burlington Ontario, Canada, currently attending the Goodman School of Business at Brock University. Patrick competes as a Pro in various events affiliated with BASS and FLW across Canada and the US.

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